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Resources For Doctors

What we can offer you and your patients:

  1. Advanced, up-to-date care for allergies, asthma, and related conditions from physicians that are trained allergists/immunologists, pulmonologist, pediatric pulmonologist, and an internist.
  2. A state of the art facility. The Allergy & Asthma Center uses the latest technology for the care and convenience of your patients.

    Allergy services available:
    1. Allergy scratch and blood testing
    2. Intradermal
    3. Autologous skin testing
    4. Antibiotics
    5. Chemical/PATCH/contact allergy
    6. Metal (dental and orthopedic)
    7. Caine and steroid testing
    8. Vaccine testing
    9. Traditional immunotherapy

    Additional services and treatments:
    1. Rapid desensitization
    2. ASA and antibiotic desensitization
    3. Pulmonary function testing
    4. Exercise challenge
    5. Methacholine challenge
    6. IVIG and IV therapy
    7. Radiology
    8. Videostroboscopy
    9. Chronic sinusitis
    10. Hives/angioedema
    11. Migraine and headache treatment

    Screening for:
    1. Alpha-1 antitrypsin
    2. Hereditary angioedema
    3. Broncho-thermoplasty

  3. We provide a prompt follow-up letter from our office after the patient's consultation.
  4. A picture ID of the patient, as a courtesy from our office, will be sent with the follow-up letter. See a sample.
  5. We provide personalized Allergy Action Plans and Asthma Action Plans, as recommended by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health.
  6. We have a comfortable facility and caring, professional staff to make each visit as pleasant as possible for the patient and their family.
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